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     Haubstadt, IN. - February 23, 2018.  The Midwest Sprint Car Series Rules Committee held it’s annual meeting this month.  The purpose was to review the content of the MSCS rule book.  Discussions about the rules and recommendations for the rule book produced a few revisions and additional provisions.  These will be in effect as the 2018 racing season begins.


     Drivers purchasing MSCS driver licenses will receive a copy of the rule book at that time.  License applications are available.  A complete set of these rules are posted each season on line at www ., the official site for the series.  Printed copies of the rule book are available.  A copy can be ordered and obtained by  sending your name and address along with a check or money order for $5.00 to MSCS at 4353 South State Road 57 in Oakland City, IN, 47660. 


     Those wanting to check for changes to the rules should visit the Information Section of the MSCS website.  Rules that include changes include numbers 11, 13, 38, and 41.  Those rules cover safety, wheel covers, leaving the track, and restarts.  Rules that have additional content include numbers 8-4, 8-7, 9-4, 21, 33, and 39.  Those rules cover equipment, inversions, being pushed, and spins.  Cars that are not equipped with a full containment seat must use both right and left side safety nets.  The full coverage racing helmet must be Snell approved.  Recommended equipment now includes the use of front axle tethers and a drag link strap on each car.  Rule 10 covers suspension adjustments.  Suspension adjustments by the driver from the cockpit will not be permitted.  


     Drivers regularly competing with the series and running for MSCS Points should note one change.  The 60% participation clause has been dropped for 2018.  Instead of relying on a penalty in determining required support for the season, MSCS Officials decided to use a reward system providing additional show-up points.  Drivers will now receive 25 show-up points instead of 20.  In the past drivers had to be at 60% of the races to be eligible for point fund monies.  MSCS appreciates any and all support and wants to encourage drivers to participate as often as possible.   


    Beginning in 2017 MSCS began mailing pay-off checks to those drivers or owners not wanting to wait to be paid after the races at the track.  This was and is a benefit to those traveling greater distances or encountering problems and needing to leave early.  Also this season drivers not making the feature will be entitled to non-transfer money.  The new term replaces the use of tow money to describe this part of the purse.


     Any further changes made to the rules or policies that the officials follow in conducting MSCS sanctioned events will be explained at the drivers meeting prior to each race.  That first race of the season is at the Lincoln Park Speedway on Saturday April 7th.   The pill draw at registration usually closes 45 minutes before hot laps and group qualifying.  Drivers are reminded to arrive at the track as early as possible.  You must be able to go out with your group in order to receive qualifying laps.


Provided as News and Information for MSCS     

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