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     Haubstadt, IN - June 26, 2018 -  The Hoosier Tire Midwest Sprint Car Series is preparing for action this coming weekend.  The opportunities are there!  Racing for the 410 non-wing sprint car series starts on Friday night June 29th  at the Daugherty Speedway near Boswell, IN, and then crosses the state line to Kickapoo Speedway at Danville, IL, on Saturday night June 30th. 


     These two dates provide a major difference to the series schedule this season.  Both tracks have hosted MSCS races in the recent past but not on the same weekend.  This new opportunity puts two tracks on the schedule that do not run sprints on a regular basis.  The result offers added possibilities for competitors and fans to contemplate.  No driver should have a home track advantage.  Any prior experience at either track would be limited and subject to the passage of time.


     All dirt tracks are different in some way.  Daugherty Speedway is a 3/8 mile semi banked clay oval and Kickapoo Speedway is a ¼ mile banked dirt oval.  Hopefully everyone that can will support this promotion.  Michael and Kim Daugherty operate both tracks.  With additional venues like these to race at, sprint cars can continue to excite and  entertain more fans!


     MSCS welcomed the opportunity to participate in a potential state to state rivalry.  Illinois drivers do frequent MSCS races which are more often held in Indiana.  Now once again Hoosier drivers can test the dirt in Illinois  The travel time between the two tracks is less than an hour.  


     The last time that MSCS drivers raced in Illinois was at Flora’s Clay County Speedway.  Robert Ballou won the feature that night.  The last MSCS feature held at Daugherty Speedway in 2016 was a victory for Illinois pilot Mitch Wissmiller.  The last time MSCS raced at Kickapoo (then Vermilion County) Speedway was back in 2009.  The winner that night was Indiana’s Jon Stanbrough.


    The features both nights will pay $2,000 to the winner.  A driver who wins both could take home $4,000 over the weekend.  MSCS drivers would have to be anxious to get back into competition with weather causing the last two races to be called off.  The series has not raced since Memorial Day Weekend’s three straight night’s of racing.


     The MSCS points remain unchanged with Carson Short of Marion, IL, the leader.  Brandon Mattox and Robert Ballou are second and third in the standings for the 36 active licensed drivers.  Others are permitted to race after purchasing temporary permits.  Fans can always expect newcomers as the welcome mat is always out.


     Engines fire at 7 P.M. Friday at Daugherty and at 6 P.M. Saturday at Kickapoo.  The vintage cars will join other regular divisions on the programs.  Racing is set to begin an hour after hot laps.  

Provided as News and Information for MSCS.

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