Haubstadt, IN - Feb. 19, 2019 -  Brandeis Midwest Sprint Car Series driver licenses can now be purchased in advance of the forthcoming 2019 racing season.  They are available for purchase at a special reduced pre-season rate.  Drivers interested in competing with the series this year are encouraged to purchase their annual license by mail well in advance of the season opener at Tri-State Speedway on April 13th.


     MSCS driver licenses can be purchased through Monday April 1st for the reduced price of $75.  The regular price for purchases during this coming season or at one of the events to be held at a speedway will be $100.  Drivers can save $25 by taking advantage of this special offer!


     The license application blank is available on line at www . mscssprints.com.  The application can be found in the INFO section and can be printed out to use.  Further instructions related to completing and mailing the form can also be found in that section.  This step allows required paperwork to be finished in advance thus saving time during  registration at any of the sanctioned events. 


     To receive Brandeis Midwest Sprint Car Series season points and be eligible for point fund money, drivers must first obtain a 2019 MSCS Annual License.  It is also possible for drivers to compete with MSCS by purchasing a Temporary Permit at each event they participate in.  The fee charged for a Temp will be $25 per race.  Be advised that drivers using a TP to race will not receive any series points.


     Many of the drivers participating in Brandeis Midwest Sprint Car Series events in the past will receive this special offer, a license application, and schedule by mail. Licenses requested will be sent to drivers by return mail.  Five to seven business days should be allowed for the MSCS office staff to process and complete all license requests. 


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