Windom best at Terre Haute



BRANDEIS Midwest Sprint Car Series rolled into Terre Haute Action Track Sunday evening with 25 drivers representing five states (IN, IL, NM, KY, CA), and even the UK!


With 25 MSCS cars on hand there would be three qualifying groups. Group one was led by Justin Grant, by setting quick time over Max Adams and Dakota Jackson. Group two, Carson Short would set quick time overall with 20.070, ahead of Jarett Andretti and Dustin Smith. Group three, young Kendall Ruble set pace over Paul May and Chris Windom.


With qualifying in the past, heat races would next on the event list. Justin Grant would follow up his quick time in qualifying with a heat win over Chase Stockon, Dakota Jackson, Josh Hodges, and Max Adams, all of which would transfer to the A-Main. Heat two, Jarett Andretti showed everyone the way to the checkers ahead of Carson Short, Kyle Cummins, Dustin Smith, and Critter Malone, all punching their ticket to the big show. The third and final heat would be a heat James Lyerla would probably remember for quite some time. Running second, was Lyerla, Paul May and Lyerla’s cars touched, sending Lyerla into the outside wall, where he did a full twist in the air, and landing square on his top. With the safety crew at the scene in a very short time would help upright the car so he could exit his machine. He would walk away safely to race again. Chris Windom would go on and win the third heat with Paul May, Isaac Chapple, Mitch Wissmiller, and Kendall Ruble finding their path to the feature event.


With only five spots remaining to fill the feature event, the B-Main would roll out. Nine cars would make the call to take the green flag. Tom Harris would lead from green to checkers with Chris Babcock, Chayse Hayhurst, Collin Ambrose, and Kent Schmidt would become the remaining starters for the BRANDEIS MSCS Feature event.


Row one of the 25 lap feature event would have Chase Stockon and Chris Windom leading the pack to the green flag. Second row consisted of Jarett Andretti, with the MSCS redraw inversion would put Justin Grant starting fourth. The first caution flag would wave with the long lazy spin with top rookie contender, Chayse Hayhurst. The restart gave Justin Grant an opportunity to jump out front and lead several laps. Midway though the feature, the big one would happen in turn two; Jarett Andretti would go airborne and do a series of barrel rolls, and landing on his side. The race would resume with Justin Grant and Chris Windom, racing hard for the top spot, with Chase Stockon and Carson Short battling it out for third. Windom would overtake Grant as they sliced and diced through lapped traffic. Windom would fine clear track ahead would go on to claim his first MSCS victory of 2019, on his first attempt to do so!


Following Windom to the line was Grant, Short, Stockon, Jackson, Cummins, Smith, Chapple, May, and Malone, to round out the top ten.


The BRANDEIS MSCS will hit the road, traveling to Paragon Speedway on Friday, August 16th, and Lincoln Park Speedway, Saturday, August 17th. See you all there!


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