Beauchamp wins at Lincoln Park Speedway


Great weekend of racing for the BRANDEIS MSCS Sprint cars! Saturday night at Lincoln Park Speedway fans would see one fine competitive show in 2019. Some 34 sprint cars signed in, thus setting up 4 groups to help narrow it down to our 21 starters for the Gardner Sprintaculer paying $4000 to win.

Heat one, Nate McMillen would lead Kyle Cummins, Andrew Prather and Jesse Vermillion to the checkers to qualify for the Amain.

Heat two, AJ Hopkins showed he is ready to compete with the best by setting sail early in heat action over Kent Schmidt, Harley Burns and Tim Creech.

Heat three, Brent Beauchamp threw his hat into the ring and says, let’s get it going boys, by claiming his heat in dominant fashion in front of Garrett Aitken, Stephen Schnapf and Anton Hernandez. Brandon Mattox found hisself up and over the cushion in turn two and ended up taking a nasty spill. He would recover and make the call for the B main.

Heat four, past champion Carson Short made his statement loud and clear to the other competitors that he was not here to just play around. Carson also dominated his heat win over Max Adams, Colten Cottle and Brady Short.

The stacked B main consisted of 18 cars vying for just 4 spots left to fill. Chase Stockton lead nearly the whole B main to show why he should join the 16 other A main starters. Following Stockton to the checkers, to also punch their ticket to the big show was, Collin Ambrose, Brandon Mattox, recovering from the heat race roll over to move on along with Alec Sipes. Dakota Jackson would take his first provisional of 19 to set the 21 starters.

The 30 lap feature is set!
The 21 starters are pushed off, they do the famous 4 wide salute to the fans and the race is about to begin.
Short and Beauchamp sets sail into one with Beauchamp jumping out front. He would lead the first couple laps before the first caution would fly with Brady Short having issues on track. The race would resume with Beauchamp, C. Short and Hopkins having a great battle for the lead. The red flag would fly with Jessie Vermillion flipping his car in turns one and two. Jessie would walk away to race another day.
The race would continue with a new hot shoe in the mix for the top spot, Kyle Cummins would jump up to third. With laps running out the top 3 would encounter lap traffic. Beauchamp and C. Short along with Cummins, Hopkins all weaving, dodging and working there way though the traffic, any of the 4 ready to take control of the race to the checkers,. With the final lap to go Beauchamp would see the track open to his liking and see the checkers insight for his first MSCS victory in 2019.
Following Beauchamp to the line were, C. Short, Cummins, Hopkins, Adams, McMillen, Atkin, Schnapf, Schmidt, and Sipes. Sipes would also be the hard charger for the evening.

Friday night action at Paragon Speedway saw 21 entries with Kyle Cummins victorious over Chris Babcock, Brady Short, Dave Darland, Dakota Jackson, Aric Gentry, Bill Rose, Brandon Mattox, Jadon Rodgers, and Jordan Kinser

Next MSCS event will be September 1st at Tri-State Speedway for the Labor Day weekend challenge.


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