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     (Haubstadt, IN - September 23, 2010)  The Hoosier Tire Midwest Sprint Car Series 2010 season so far has been well scripted.  Reporters have had a lot of action to describe and write about.  Fans following the series have had a lot to talk about.  Drivers and Car owners have worked on and off the track to make the best of a season full of challenges and unexpected tribulations.      
     Eleven stops on a 12 race schedule have introduced a number of capable rookie drivers, presented programs in which hard chargers made outstanding drives through the pack, and produced five different feature winners so far.  In stop after stop a very tight points race continued which included four lead changes.  The progression of point leaders includes Jon Stanbrough, Jonathan Hendrick, Chase Stockon, and Blake Fitzpatrick.  Feature winners include Stanbrough, Brady Short, Jeff Bland Jr., Chris Windom, and Blake Fitzpatrick.  Stanbrough has the most wins with 5.  One stop - one race remains!
     The Lawrenceburg Nationals at Lawrenceburg Speedway on Saturday October 2nd will send 24 drivers for 40 laps to decide who will win $10,000 in the main event as well as who will win the 2010 MSCS Championship.  The big purse will also pull strong race teams with cars whose drivers are not involved in the points chase.  Those drivers will be another factor as regulars on the MSCS Tour work to hold or move into transfer spots and top positions.
     Only twenty-seven points separate the top three MSCS drivers.  Jonathan Hendrick of Fortville, IN, currently holds third spot and is also leading in points earned by the nine rookie drivers.   His lead over the closest rookie rival Mark Perry III is at 126 points so the Rookie of the Year title appears to be a given.  Perry, who is from Bedford, IN, has had a very competitive season and currently leads the Hard Charger of the Year ratings by having been named Hard Charger of the Race twice.
     Jonathan Hendrick also leads Brady Short, who is fourth in overall points, by 64 points with only 70 available any race night.  Of the two drivers Hendrick has not missed any races so he is in line for the 40 season bonus points in making his next appearance to race.  It appears that Hendrick is in a position in which he has everything to gain and little to lose.  The final night for him presents an opportunity to move up to second in points or even capture the title.  Hendrick was second in the feature at Lawrenceburg during the May 2010 MSCS show.  
     Current MSCS Points runner-up Chase Stockon of Sullivan, IN, is just 15 points off the leading pace heading to Lawrenceburg.  He was in the points lead from June 19th until September 5th.   Consistent top ten performances in the feature have been the key to a great season.  Stockon has made every feature held this season but one.  And he has made those early on by running high enough in the heats to transfer successfully to the feature.  Mechanical woes at  Bloomington on the 17th proved to be one of those tribulations that create added pressure in a points chase.  Those came at an inopportune time so very late in the season.  Chase will be striving to finish high in his heat to get a good starting spot.  First and second place finishers in MSCS heats are lined up for the feature using their redraw number.  Chase has won 2 qualifying heats and finished second 4 times this season.  
     MSCS Points leader Blake Fitzpatrick will enter the competition at Lawrenceburg with that 15 points cushion.  That spread includes some hard earned points with important point gains coming as the result of runs from the back of the pack.  He has been fast all season and even faster as of late!  Fitzpatrick has only finished out of the top five in feature races once since mid June.  That was at the recent Bloomington race.  In gaining and retaining the points lead Fitzpatrick won his first MSCS feature on Labor Day weekend and followed that with a second in the Haubstadt Hustler Sprint 50.
     Those at Lawrenceburg earlier this season for the last MSCS race will remember that it was Fitzpatrick who crashed in traffic while leading the feature.  That night Stockon finished fifth and Hendrick was second.  All three were in the hunt.  This is a new race date with more laps, more cars, and more money in the offering.  Every season must come to a climax.  The Lawrenceburg Nationals on October 2nd will be the final stop for MSCS.  No script really exists.  It is a product of hard racing until the checkers fly!  Pit gates will be open by 4 P.M.  The stands open to admit fans at 5 P.M.  Racing will get underway at 7 P.M. with hot laps an hour earlier.  The MSCS Champion will be crowned after the feature winner accepts that top honor.    

Provided as Information and Publicity by MSCS                      

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