Haubstadt Hustler



Chase Stock awarded the win after Ruble dq'd

Sunday September 19th, 2020

Tri-State Speedway

Haubstadt Hustler

31 Hoosier Midwest Sprint Car Series entries.

Schafer Oil quick time: Kyle Cummins 13.739

SPEC Racing Engine heat winners: Kendall Ruble, Kevin Thomas Jr., Chase Stockon, Kyle Cummins

AFCO Racing Products B-Main: Dakota Jackson

Rod End Supply Podium Feature event: Kendall Ruble, Chase Stockon, Jadon Rogers

Keizer Aluminum Wheel, top five of race, 5th place, Critter Malone

Wilwood Brakes, good break of the race 7th, Justin Grant

Saldana Racing Products, Lucky 13th, Kent Schmidt

Hinchman top running rookie, Anton Hernandez

Certified Rental hard charger, Robert Ballou

Hoosier Speed, Hard Luck of Race, Stan Beadles

Feature Results:

Chase Stockon

Jadon Rogers

Robert Ballou

Critter Malone

Chris Windom

Justin Grant

Brady Bacon

C. J. Leary

Kyle Cummins

Brandon Mattox

Kent Schmidt

Dave Darland

Anton Hernandez

Dakota Jackson

Kevin Thomas Jr.

Carson Short

Eddie Tofoya Jr.

Chayse Hayhurst

Aric Gentry

Clinton Boyles

Shane Cottle

Jonathan Vennard

Stephen Schnapf


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